First by Sound_of_Shadows
Lanas Wildstalkers by ShiftyLuketari
Heroes by Kegalos
Range? by Kegalos
Ankaur by Nitefyre33
All WTU 200 by wisetiger7
Super MSU 200 by wisetiger7
MSU MMU 200 by wisetiger7
Kari's Outland Raiders by ShiftyLuketari
New Latari Units by Ares1618
list by Fingerling
Beefed up by aetheriac
3x Spined Thresers (6) by Preotet
NoBärs! by lordwitoslaw
Warriors of the mist by Jukey
MSU Latari by Kaos64
dacani kari by Fingerling
Ardus' heroes by Jukey
Aaron Forderer - Regional by timmyy
Michael Adams - Regional by timmyy
Defenders of the Aymhelin by Wannabe_PhD
Meagan by Nitefyre33
Daqan Anti-Uthuk by Athelin
Dispatch hammer by Jukey
Rise, minions, Rise by Jukey
vs Dion-Uthuk 7-14-18 by newsguy
Ardy & 3 Wraiths (7) by Preotet
Ventala proxy by Jukey
Panic for everyone!! by aetheriac
Kethra & Berserkers (5) by Preotet
GenCon Tourny by
list by Lunatyk
What could go wrong.. by aetheriac
daqan 2 by Fingerling
daqan by Fingerling
Daqan - Fast damage by EmilJ
3 x fire rune by Lunatyk
Tournament 1 by escutcheon
Waiqar blight by Jonasjensen
I have 3 heraldry figures now... by Parakitor
4 x lenox + megan by Lunatyk
Ravos by jmburm
Daqan surround by jmburm
Two 12-tray #1 by Parakitor
Turniej by siarkon
Artur by Paladynas
Surge of the Dead by ziafoto
Lord Hawthorne by Warlock
Why not by aetheriac
Harrier Latari by Jukey
Latari Beatstick by Nemesis
list by OmnipresentPheasant
Ardus list by Modgruder
Uthuk 1 by Organdoner13
Maximum Sorceress by ShiftyLuketari
Maximum Sorceress by ShiftyLuketari
Who let the dogs out? by OmnipresentPheasant
Berserkergate by OmnipresentPheasant
Wraiths (6) by Preotet
Latari doomstar by Jukey
Daqan186 by escutcheon
Waiqar No Hero by Nemesis
3 x scion by Lunatyk
6x łucznicy by Lunatyk
First 2-army box list by Parakitor
2 x łucznicy by Lunatyk
dakfhjg by TallTonyB
Maximum MsU by ShiftyLuketari
Ardus IxRidiculous by ShiftyLuketari
MsU by ShiftyLuketari
Anti Uthuk w/Maro by escutcheon
Ranged Kethra by Preotet
Woodland aggression by Nemesis
Fire Berserkers by Nemesis
No Heroes to Lead Us - We'll do it oursELVES by ShiftyLuketari
New 1 by Kegalos
Melee by Kegalos
Juegos y Quebrantos by Hijodecain
Ardus leader by emelius
Anka'leaders by emelius
St strong by jmburm
Ardus Maro 199 by Modgruder
Starplain Savages by ShiftyLuketari
Elfy 3 by Un-thony
Fun with new stuff by Jukey
Thresherstar by Zetan
Elfy 2 by Un-thony
Avangard by
Derpin in the Werds by ShiftyLuketari
Undead by Veithor
Elves test by Veithor
Scouts by Veithor
Ardus IExterminator by ShiftyLuketari
list by Jukey
Tournament Daqan XXBows by Nemesis
DEFINITELY terrible (Kethra embed) by dragonofid
Pokey Shifty Stabby Slicey by ShiftyLuketari
Party Knights by ShiftyLuketari
Ardus Wraith Erebus by ShiftyLuketari
army1 by Fingerling
Try other things by aetheriac
Dumb List #3 by dragonofid
Dumb Blood Diviner List #3 by dragonofid
Dumb Blodo Diviner List #3 by dragonofid
Thresher Diviner by dragonofid
Daqan (Spaß-Spieler) II by Uthoroc
Pest 199 by Modgruder
list by panzerninja
Kari by dsp519
Coming for it by aetheriac
Death caller + Gusanos + Dks by emelius
US Nationals 2018 by maktor
Skeletonstar by maktor
Daqan (Spaß-Spieler) by Uthoroc
Latari blocks by Jukey
Latari blocks by Jukey
Small units by aetheriac
list by Mattson
League List by Mattson
Blood Diviner by dragonofid
Mistwatch Rangers 2.1.1 by Wannabe_PhD
Kethra (6) by Preotet
(6) Wraiths and Lancers by Preotet
Ardy & 2 Wraiths (7) by Preotet
SC KW Winner by Tvayumat
200 by sepia
Ardus Worm Reavers by Tvayumat
6/22/18 Ardus Mixed by Tvayumat
nationals 2017 by mattk1973
WIP by Zaaik
GY - Waiqar by siarkon
Upgrade City by aetheriac
Ardy & Wraiths (6) by Preotet