Storm by Maglor
Storm by Maglor
Sorceress by Maglor
Hero Up by Maglor
Berserker #1 by Maglor
Front line thresher by Maglor
HB4 by aetheriac
Msu elves by Corto
Berzerk by tgall
Viper Hugs by Church14
Latari Cav List by Ares1618
Latari Cav With Archers by Ares1618
Elf archers by Nitefyre33
Elves by Nitefyre33
alt uthuk by Mogrok
Shoot and Flank by Maglor
Out with the Scouts by Maglor
Sunspear#1 by Maglor
Actually ALL CRABS by dragonofid
Latari MSU Token Spam by thepestilence
Ventala unstable by Jukey
Vorunthul 2 by aetheriac
200 w/ darnati by drupifel
LV1 by aetheriac
Boo hooman by eomir4122
Unstable 4 by Jukey
Ulthuk 1 by Mogrok
LVW by aetheriac
Lord V Knights Wraiths Carrions by Chandler
Magen leads 3 by Kegalos
Goofy Uthuk list by Vergilius
Amusing Kethra by Church14
Unstable 3 by Jukey
Blocky Range by aetheriac
Herobomb 2 by aetheriac
Herobomb by aetheriac
Polda's Experiment by aetheriac
Empty double DK by Church14
OP - DK, Reanihammer by Church14
OP - DK Stars by Church14
Marrow001 by entiago
list by Mogrok
Ardus' Blight by entiago
Death star bonanza by lordwitoslaw
4x4 v2 by toriano
Vii by aetheriac
Vi by aetheriac
2 hero's by Kegalos
5 threat by Jukey
MSU - Scout and Golem by Crowtein
Unstable 2 by Jukey
list by Mogrok
Magen leads 2 by Kegalos
2017 worlds by Lazarus14
wraith lancer death by mattk1973
Meagan leads by Kegalos
Lethal berzerkers by Organdoner13
Bg Block ii by aetheriac
3x1 by aetheriac
DK BigBlock by aetheriac
Blocks ii by aetheriac
Wormstar by Modgruder
Hawthorn by Modgruder
Change up by Kegalos
Elf by Nitefyre33
Ardus wraith by
Detdis of by Sanson
Golem #2 by Maglor
Rav’s Serkers by Nitefyre33
Golem Up by Maglor
Fat rav by Nitefyre33
Funsies by eomir4122
Offensive Latari 2 by Jukey
Offensive Latari by Jukey
200 pts. #3 by Maglor
200 pts. #2 by Maglor
200 pts. by Maglor
Let’s try elves by Nitefyre33
Reaping Wraiths by aetheriac
mIxed by aetheriac
Test Darnati by Barth31
Kethra i by aetheriac
Ardus Blocks ii by aetheriac
Dynamites by johnnysavs
Death by Wraith by mattk1973
Leonx Lay Build by Vergilius
everyone dies by mattk1973
Tempered reset button by Jukey
mio latari 1 by Sanson
Lots of things by Jukey
list by panzerninja
Rerollin' by Jukey
Justin Read Nationals B by Jgrsound
Justin Read Nationals by Jgrsound
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ArdusDC by aetheriac
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KariThorne Dispatch by Athelin
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