March 19, 2020
Revelations: Skirmish Kickstarter
I've been commissioned to create the official army building app for an upcoming game called Revelations: Skirmish! It's a fast-paced tabletop game with WarMechs, infantry, and vehicles. If you'd like to support their kickstarter or just read more about it, check it out here: KICKSTARTER
February 11, 2020
Mobile and miscellaneous improvements!
I've made some minor tweaks to hopefully make the mobile experience better. There's a link to jump down to your list at the top of the page now. Removed some dead space on the sides. Gave some visual feedback when you press a button
Also, long overdue, I made it so you can't put more than one of the same upgrade on a single unit.
November 18, 2019
Sharing and Commenting at!
I've created a new site to share your lists, battle reports, and images of your paintings/terrain! You can comment on others, search by unit, and more!
I look forward to your feedback and improving the site continually, and hope you'll enjoy it.
October 10, 2019
Unit templates!
I've added the ability to save any amount of units as a template, which will show up for you while building a list as though it's another unit.
At any point in your list building process, you can name and save your list as a template. For example, save Luke Skywalker with Force Push, Jedi Mind Trick, and Emergency Stims as "Decked out Luke", and that will show up alongside Luke as an option to add to future lists. Or, of course, Rebel Troopers with Z6 on them, and save yourself a few clicks.
Hope you enjoy!
September 23, 2019
Important note about Battle Plans in saved lists
There was a back-end issue involving the list codes for Battle Plan cards. Everything worked fine for you all, but it was going to cause problems down the road.
So the short answer is that any lists saved before today will have the incorrect Battle Plans. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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